Why BSC?

BSC was created by athletes who saw a need in the community for healthy, safe and effective skin care that could keep up with the demands of an active lifestyle while maintaining the core values of health and wellness, both inside and out. BSC is an American made, veteran owned company based out of Southern California. 

Living an active lifestyle, you take great care of your body. Why not do the same for your skin?

At BODIED Skincare, we’ve created the best skincare routine for athletes. We offer premium-quality products to protect and nourish your skin. Our skincare products are specifically designed to help keep your skin vibrant and looking great through sun exposure, heavy perspiration, and the rigors of training.

At BODIED Skincare, we understand the importance of maintaining a balanced, active, and healthy lifestyle.

For many people, an active lifestyle is the only lifestyle, but with an active lifestyle comes dirt, sweat, grime, excessive sun exposure, and more. This takes a toll on the skin. As the body’s biggest organ, it is important to care for your skin the way you care for your health!

BODIED Skincare is designed to help athletes around the world improve and maintain their skin health. Our goal is to provide your athlete skin routine with a natural alternative to conventional skincare products.

Contact a member of our team and let us know how we can meet your unique needs skincare needs!